Solo thoughts

I embarked on a solo trip for the first time. With some trepidation and a lot of excitement. After all, Croatia makes it to the top of the list when it comes to solo travel for women – so there was more cause for excitement than fear. It’s common to expect solo travel to either really mess you up or open you up. In my case, the timing of this “maiden” journey coincided with a stage in life where I am re-assessing my priorities. So, clearly my expectations from this trip were that I would make some real life-changing, life-enhancing decisions.


I found enough quiet places in Dubrovnik to immerse myself in….myself. A solitary bench by the sea – solitary by virtue of a light drizzle that kept everyone by the comfort of a warm cafe. An empty courtyard of a church with just birds for company. A small stretch of a sandy beach neglected by the winter crowds. A spot high up on the walls of the Dubrovnik castle. Seemingly all the right places to turn inwards.

But alas, I found that my moments of introspection throw up weird results.

  1. Raw Veggies taste yummy and crunchy – something you never realise or register when you eat with company.
  2. It’s a universal protocol to check your zipper after coming out of the washroom. Your nationality or gender makes no difference.
  3. The hairline of over 90% of men doesn’t make it past their middle age. (The 10% margin accounts for just the fact that I actually didn’t take a count)
  4. There’s a a pretty strong reason to shed communism – it builds ugly things!
  5. I finally find a sound, rational reason for my love for shoes. Once you become an adult, your shoe size doesn’t change…ever. While everything else changes.
  6. I have a “Eureka” moment seeing kissing couples and discovering that men spread their legs when they kiss!!!
  7. I feel sad looking at old, European tourists struggle to walk. I want to travel when I am young.
  8. There’s nothing as important as living your life and living it healthy. The rest can take a walk!
  9. I discover the peace of being alone. And the freedom from the fear of missing something. Discovering that when I am alone I retreat. I need no company. I make no attempt. I refuse to change who I am. I wish to just observe unnoticed. Unobtrusively. I love it all.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Meghna Shah says:

    I love number 6! While everyone seems to be enamoured by beautiful scenery and often get busy taking selfies, I think they miss out on observing people. 🙂

    1. ujwala11 says:

      I completely agree. And thanks for reading:-)

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